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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

You buy a copy of the creator's original project. The code of apps is developed with no-code tools. YES, we mean the blocks.

You need to have an account in the no-code platform that is used in the app you select. Using a link, you will open the project and it will be copied immediatly into your account.

After the payment, you will see a message from Stripe with the link in order to copy the project into your no-code platform account. You will receive also an email with the same link. Please be aware that the email address you provide when making the payment will be used.

Absolutely! You can book calls with our no-code experts. We have vast experience assisting people in developing and implementing their ideas. We will be delighted to assist you as well! Book a call here:

Unfortunately, not. We do not issue full or partial refunds.

You can sell the code you have made using no-code tools. YES, we mean the blocks. You will share a copy link of your project. Before you generate this link, please remove all the APIs, URLs and tokens!

First create an account into our website. Then click on BECOME A CREATOR. Finally click on the botton on the top ADD PRODUCT and fill in the form. You will need to wait one day for approval and see your product publicly available.

Please follow these steps to share a Thunkable project: - Open your project. - Click the Share icon in the top right corner of your project. More information can be found at

Please follow these steps to share a FlutterFlow project: - Once the app is open, click the Share project icon in the upper right corner of your project. - Make your project public so that others can see it and clone it. - From your browser, copy and share the link. Make sure to remove any sensitive information before sharing your project. Only projects in which you are the owner can be shared. More information can be found at

To share a Xano template, you must first create a Snippet. Please follow these steps: - On the endpoint page, click the Snippet button in the upper left corner. - After you select APIs, a menu appears where you can give your Snippet a name, description, and tags. - Choose Unlisted - Your snippet will be installable by anyone with a link to determine who can access to your Snippet. - Click Create - When you finish creating your Snippet, you will see confirmation and a link to simply share it with us. More info here:

It is entirely free to list your Apps. We take a 30% cut from the creator on every sale he makes.

You will need to create a Stripe account (it's free) that is linked to us. After someone purchases your product, we will deposit the payment minus our 30% cut into your Stripe account.

You will receive an email right after someone purchases your product.

Yes, you can. Please contact us for deleting your data.

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